Loop Rocks, your app for smarter handling of stone materials, gravel, soils and filling masses.

We from Loop Rocks believe that there is a smarter way of handling all these soil products, and you can save money and protect the environment. With our app you can simply get an overview of available soil masses and soil masses in demand, transport requirements and locations in your area. Loop Rock helps you to find available filling masses and then choose the solution best for you. If you don’t find anything that suits your needs, you can easily post your own ad! Your feedback on our service is valuable to us. It helps us to enhance your experience with Loop Rocks. Send us your feedback directly in the app with LoopBot, using the form on our website or by dropping an e-mail to [email protected]. We continuously improve our service, follow us on Facebook or Linkedin to get the latest updates on changes in the app! Do you have any questions? See our FAQ below or contact us! Welcome to the world of Loop Rocks. Loop on!


1. Does it cost something to use Loop Rocks?

1. It is completely free to use Loop Rocks.

2. How do I start using Loop Rocks?

2. To use Loop Rocks simply download the app and sign up as user. You can use Loop Rocks as a private person or in connection with your company. You only need to provide your name, mobile number and e-mail. If you use the app with your company, we also need the name and type of your company.

3. Why do I have to enter my mobile number?

3. Loop Rocks wants to verify you as a user, which is why we send a verification code to the mobile number you provided. In addition, you can contact advertisers by calling them directly in the app – that is why your mobile number is required.

4. Who can see my ads?

4. All registered users can see your active ads, and you can also see other users’ active ads.

5. What is the difference between inactivating and deleting an ad?

5. If you inactivate an ad, it remains saved for you, but no other users can see it. If you delete an ad, it will disappear forever.

6. Why can I only post an ad for a period of 60 days?

6. We want to make sure that all ads are valid and updated, that’s why your ad will only remain active for 60 days. If your ad is still valid after that, you can update your ad to get another 60 days.

7. How do I reply to an ad?

7. You can either choose to call the advertiser directly in the app or drop a message using the message service.

8. What can I do if I cannot arrange a transportation?

8. In the current version of the app you can set an ad for your transportation requirements when you have made a deal. Transporters in your area can then see your ad and contact you either by phone or using the Loop Rocks messaging service.

9. I am trying to set an ad in a location, but nothing happens. Why?

9. All ads are reviewed by us to verify the content and location. That’s why it can take some time before it appears online. You will be notified in case an ad is not approved.

10. Can I contact other loopers using Loop Rocks?

10. You can contact loopers that have posted ads, but in the current app version you can’t see their profiles or search for them.

11. How can I be sure that the soil mass transfer runs smoothly?

11. When you make a deal, make sure that you have taken samples and that you have documentation of your soil mass. Also, if you receive soil mass, make sure that it has been checked and documented!

12. I want to use Loop Rocks on my computer, how can I do that?

12. At the moment, we only have the Loop Rock app working. If we see constant demand for it, we will also develop a browser version in the future.

More questions?

More questions?


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