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Cookies policy

Using cookies on looprocks.se

We use cookies for technical purposes to facilitate the use of our services and to give you as a user relevant information you search from our website. Cookies are also used to measure the traffic on our website, to collect statistics and to improve our services. By using our services you accept that we use cookies unless you have inactivated them in your browser settings.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is stored in your computer or other communication device and which includes information that allows the website to recognize your computer again. Cookies are saved in the communication device (for example smartphone, e-reader or computer) as you use the website so that the website will recognize you again the next time you visit there.

There are two kinds of cookies, permanent and temporary (so-called session cookies). Permanent cookies are stored as a file in your computer or mobile device for a longer period. Permanent cookies are saved on your computer or mobile device until they either a) expire, b) are written over by new cookies, or c) you manually delete them. Session cookies are temporarily placed on your computer or mobile device when you visit the website, but they disappear when you close the site and they will not be permanently saved on your device.

How does Loop Rocks use cookies?

We use information from cookies to make our website more user-friendly and to make it possible for us to provide individualized content. We use us also a number of authorized third parties who, on our behalf, set cookies on our website to deliver the services they provide.

Cookies can, among other things, include user settings, information on which type of content and which ads you have taken part of on our website. Stored information can be information on how you have surfed on and used our website, which browser you have used, which ads you have seen and how you have surfed between the different websites we work with. Cookies from external suppliers can be used to measure the traffic, simplify ad management and to improve the functionality of the website. We can also use cookies from external suppliers to simplify banner advertising on our website. Such cookies track activity on our website and they are used, among other things, to individualize ad offers to you.

When you use our website, also third parties can place cookies in your browser to measure results of our customers’ banner advertising. To control third parties’ use of cookies, Loop Rocks has set a policy for how data from our website can be managed. The policy shows that cookies or other tracking methods can not be used to collect data regarding users of the website to use that to advertise against users or in other commercial way to categorize users. Third parties can only use cookies or other tracking methods to collect anonymous data to report and follow up banner advertisements’ number of displays, range and conversion.

In summary, the reason that Loop Rocks uses cookies is:

To allow our website to recognize recurring users to be able to individualize services
To allow the use of separate functions such as the possibility to save ads and watches
To facilitate the users’ moving on the website
To calculate and report number of users and traffic
To develop and improve the website by understanding better how it is used
To build segment and target groups in marketing purposes and to be able to direct advertising
To reduce advertising that is irrelevant for certain target groups

How do I see which cookies are stored?

In usual cases, browsers save all cookies in a certain folder on the computer’s hard drive. If you want to know which cookies are stored on your computer, you must go to that folder and search the content. Session cookies do not necessarily need to be stored in the hard drive, so you cannot be certain that you can find them with this method.

How do I remove cookies?

You can choose whether you want to accept cookies or not. Because the communication device you use is set to allow cookies, you agree to receive cookies from our website. You have the option to set whether you want cookies to be automatically saved in your device, if you want to be asked every time a cookie is to be saved or if you do not want any cookies to be saved. To do this, change the settings in your browser to no longer allow cookies. How you do this depends on the type of browser you are using. You need to follow the same process on all browsers you use on the same and / or different computers or devices. If you choose to turn off cookies, it will prevent parts of our site from functioning properly. For example, you will not be able to log in to your account, nor will you get customized ad recommendations.

For more detailed information of cookies you can visit www.minacookies.se or www.pts.se.

Contact information

If you have questions of how Loop Rocks uses cookies, we ask you to contact us on info@looprocks.se.